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Why Pregnant ‘Shahs’ Star Mercedes Javid Doesn’t Want Her Husband in the Delivery Room (Exclusive)

Pregnant Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid is making an attempt to maintain the thriller alive in terms of her marriage.

“She doesn’t want me in the delivery room!” MJ’s husband, Tommy Feight, tells ET.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” MJ explains. “I want to keep my marriage intact.”

ET caught up with the newlyweds at the third Annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala in Los Angeles on Thursday, the place they spilled all about MJ’s being pregnant. The 46-year-old conceived by way of IVF and is about three months alongside, with a due date set for May 11, 2019.

“You know, I actually fell in love, got married — very storybook — got pregnant a couple of months later, albeit IVF, but still, we’re feeling lots of gratitude,” MJ gushes.

The actuality star says, thus far, being pregnant has been simple for her, along with her largest criticism being having to stand up six occasions an evening to make use of the restroom.

“OK, I complained that I have to wake up six times a night to pee, and then all the moms are like, ‘You will wish that all you have to do is get up six times a night to pee!’” she shares. “So, I think that the fear is going to onset soon. I’m going to wind up doing all the work, [Tommy’s] gonna be the old-fashioned guy.”

Tommy was fast to leap in and say he plans to be a hands-on dad, and he’s “super excited” to fulfill his son. MJ feels the similar.

“I wanna give this child the love that I received from my parents, I want [Tommy] to experience fatherhood, I wanna see the baby’s face,” she lists. “And then the rest, you know, the baby can just ruin our lives. It’s fine.”

MJ says her mother, Vida, is “over the moon” and hopes that interprets into numerous assist as soon as child Feight arrives.

“I’m hoping she’ll be the trusty person that, if we ever get to take our honeymoon, she’ll be the person that we trust to leave the baby with — and a caregiver,” MJ explains. “You know, like, the in-house, familia babysitter and a caregiver.”

MJ reportedly broke the child information to her Shahs of Sunset co-stars at the season seven reunion taping, and tells ET they’ve been “so overprotective and cute” since. For now, she and Tommy are having fun with the time earlier than the child arrives.

“It’s been easy,” she notes. “He’ll do anything for me. I can send him out for any cravings at 3:00 in the morning. He doesn’t say no.”

“I think part of it is, she’s testing,” Tommy sort of jokes.

“It’s true!” MJ admits. “I don’t want to use up all my credit. And then, when I really need it, I’m the boy who cried wolf.”

Shahs of Sunset airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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