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Why Are There So Many Midges In Scotland?

As anybody who has ever been to Scotland will let you know, there are method too many midges – Hundreds of them. Thousands of them – they usually’re all over the place within the Highlands! Midges are annoying little mosquito-like bugs that chunk you throughout and ship you into an itchy frenzy – and the highlands are filled with them!

So why are there so many?

Well, firstly, Scotland has roughly 35 several types of midge native to it, nonetheless solely 5 sorts of these midges chunk people. So while you might even see so many about, not all are annoying blood suckers.

Secondly, the Highland Midge, which is the midge most frequently present in biggest portions in Scotland, is a famend “wee bastard.” These midges are recognized to be the most important recidivist about in relation to biting individuals, and their numbers are rife within the highlands (if the identify didn’t give that away).

And thirdly, a brutal winter really means extra midges within the spring and summer time. In 2010 scientists believed that the Highland Midge inhabitants was going to die down somewhat after the brutal winter Scotland (and the remainder of the U.Ok.) had simply been via. But what they really discovered was that, because of the fixed freezing temperatures; a lot of the midge’s pure predators had sat the winter out, leaving the midge inhabitants to growth.

So each time there’s a freezing winter (which is most about each winter in Scotland) the midge inhabitants is ready to bloom in spring.

So there you will have it, that’s why there are such a lot of midges in Scotland!

Bonus truth: In medieval occasions, some Scottish lords would torture individuals by strapping them bare to a put up and leaving them to be devoured by midges. Although this is able to by no means kill an individual, it typically despatched them loopy after just a few days.

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