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‘This Is Us’ Star Chris Sullivan Is Writing Music With Mandy Moore’s Fiance Taylor Goldsmith (Exclusive)

The stars of This Is Us actually are as shut off-screen as they’re on-screen 

Chris Sullivan, who stars as Toby on the hit NBC drama, sat down with ET’s Lauren Zima on Thursday to speak tears, tunes and togetherness.

“The group text is alive and well,” Sullivan says of the solid’s off-screen bond. “We’ve kind of settled into our family life and kind of just enjoy showing up for work, doing the job, telling the stories.”

What’s extra, Sullivan says he and co-star Mandy Moore’s fiance, Taylor Goldsmith, are collaborating on music.

“Taylor Goldsmith and I hit it off big time, and so we started writing some songs together,” the 38-year-old actor says. “I had been writing some songs with another friend of mine, and writing some on my own. And obviously Taylor is one of the world’s greatest living songwriters.”

Sullivan and his spouse, Rachel Reichard, have truly sung collectively at associates’ weddings, “five or six” thus far Sullivan says, however famous that he wasn’t certain if he’d be invited to sing at Moore and Goldsmith’s upcoming nuptials.

“It’s up to the bride and groom always,” he says.

And, like at weddings, This Is Us audiences all the time appear to want a tissue useful — one thing Sullivan encourages.

“People have to cry. I think inherently the show shows people that there is work to be done in their lives,” he says. “There’s something about the show they connect with, there’s something about the relationships they identify with. And if they’re having an emotional reaction to these fictional relationships, then maybe there’s something to be investigated there.”

And with all of the feelings flowing, like his character’s struggles with melancholy, in addition to fertility issues together with his spouse, Kate, performed by Chrissy Metz, Sullivan admits that it takes some work to hold the burden house.

“I try to keep myself in a decently light headspace…without interfering with other people’s processes or work,” Sullivan shares.

“It’s a complicated, long process and it’s hard to separate real life from these types of scenes,” he provides. “It’s very difficult to not allow those scenes to affect your real life and put you in a down, depressed, not depressed, down kind of low-key place.”

This Is Us does have its triumphant and celebratory moments, however Sullivan is not giving something away for what stays of season three.

“I don’t know,” he says, “but I imagine our writers aren’t scared.”

This Is Us returns Nov. 13 at 9 p.m. EST on NBC. Check out extra concerning the present within the video under! 


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