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How football looks 200 years in the future


One gamer has simulated FM19 till 2219 and seen how the lovely sport pans out…

What will football appear to be 200 years from now?

Will VAR have banished refereeing errors perpetually? Will targets be the identical measurement? Will the data set by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo nonetheless be standing? It’ll be fascinating to know.

Will Lionel Messi’s records still stand in 2219?

Will Lionel Messi’s data nonetheless stand in 2219?

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely any of us can be round to search out out – except you realize a person with flux capacitor.

Therefore, the greatest method to determine what’s going to occur is to make use of Football Manager 2019.

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The extremely sensible simulator is liked by most followers of the lovely sport, and gamers themselves, equivalent to Antoine Griezmann.

And one gamer on YouTube – WorkTheArea – has taken it upon himself to search out out what the future looks like by simulating the sport 200 years into the future.

Will Neymar’s world-record fee still stand?

Will Neymar’s world-record charge nonetheless stand?

So, are Manchester City nonetheless dominating? Can Scotland win a World Cup? And will Southend United ever get into the Premier League?

Find out by watching the video under…

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