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Derek Hough Reveals How Jennifer Lopez Is Laying Down the Law on ‘World of Dance’ (Exclusive)

Derek Hough is studying a factor or two from Jenny from the Block! 

ET’s Keltie Knight lately sat down with the 33-year-old skilled dancer, who admitted that seeing his World of Dance boss’ racy InType unfold did not section him. In reality, he mentioned Jennifer Lopez making headlines is simply par for the course. 

“It’s not that I’m used to it, but I expect nothing different from her, really. You know what I mean?” Hough shared. “I have to say I’m getting some inside scoop, you know, sitting next to her, the way she takes photos.”

He’s additionally obtained a entrance row seat (actually) in relation to watching Lopez make boss strikes on World of Dance, which simply began filming season three. 

“Man, I am so excited. We have white chairs this season,” he dished. “It’s so funny, because the first day Jennifer came in, she goes, ‘We need white chairs!’ It changed the whole feel, the whole vibe. I was like, ‘I know why you’re J.Lo now.'” 

According to Hough, Lopez undoubtedly is aware of the right way to lay down the legislation. 

“I asked her, I said, ‘Hey, do you think A-Rod could give me some World Series tickets? And she said, without even blinking, she said no,” he revealed, name-dropping Lopez’s baseball star boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. “I just saw A-Rod the other day and he goes, ‘Oh, by the way, I totally had tickets for you if you wanted to come.’ I’m like, ‘Come on J! Come on J!'”

For now, nonetheless, Hough is concentrated on getting ready for his first-ever solo tour — and altering up his look as he is rising out his facial hair for the month of November. He advised ET that it is all for trigger. 

“Movember is an amazing organization that has donated so much and has raised so much money for the cause, basically for men’s cancer. But also, what people might not realize is it’s for mental health and suicide prevention,” he mentioned, encouraging followers to take part. “You can go to Movember.com and learn about how you can get involved more.”

See extra on Hough in the video under. 


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