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Dan Fogelman Gets Candid About ‘Life Itself’ and the Rawness of Emotional Storytelling (Exclusive)

Warning: This interview comprises spoilers from the movie, Life Itself. There will likely be one other spoiler warning if you attain the spoiler-heavy half of the chat.

In Life Itself, the message is laid very clearly: Life itself is the solely dependable narrator — and even then, life can also be an unreliable narrator.

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman wrote and directed the globe-trotting, decades-spanning movie, impressed loosely by his mom’s surprising loss of life throughout a routine surgical procedure and assembly his spouse one yr later. Starring Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Antonio Banderas, Mandy Patinkin and Annette BeningLife Itself interweaves 5 seemingly disparate tales throughout a number of generations in New York City and Spain, connecting all of them in a moderately shocking means. There are a number of parallels from Fogelman’s real-life experiences infused into Life Itself, although his private anecdotes aren’t as heightened as what the characters, particularly Isaac’s Will Dempsey, undergo. 

“I’ve always been fascinated by, and you can see it in my television show, the power of memory and subjectivity as it relates to the telling of stories. We could have all grown up with brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers, but when you sit down and talk about the same holiday dinner that everybody remembers, it’s almost like four different people were living in four different houses. That’s always been something that’s interested me,” Fogelman stated.

“In my life, I’ve had a very normal existence. I’m struck by how you can be sitting somewhere one moment and think you have a handle on your entire life and with a snap of a finger, everything changes. And it can be the smallest of things: getting fired from a job, falling down a flight of stairs and breaking your wrist and screwing up your life for six months — all the way to the biggest thing. A sudden loss, a meeting of somebody who you marry and it changes your life,” he continued. “The most ordinary of lives, like mine, is so remarkably spectacular because of how any given moment can change the complete course of a life that’s existed for 40 years up until that point. Life is the most unreliable narrator; you don’t know which way your story is going to go and you can’t predict it.”

With Life Itself now in theaters, ET just lately sat down with Fogelman for a frank dialogue about his fascination with the mundanities of on a regular basis life, the scene that affected him the most emotionally, the stellar Spain storyline and what his late mom would have thought of his new film.

ET: You’ve stated that Life Itself was impressed by your mom’s loss of life and then assembly your spouse nearly one yr later. Has the course of of scripting this script and making the film been therapeutic for you?

Dan Fogelman: I hope so. It’s humorous. I did not sit all the way down to say, “I’m going to explore my mother’s death,” or something like that. It was one thing that got here out from inside of you. Despite the reality that individuals appear to be crying at my TV present and my movie, I am a fairly common man. I watch sports activities. I do not cry. Once, after my mother handed away, I attempted to go to remedy for a pair of months as a result of anyone stated it may be a good suggestion for me and it was an entire waste of time. I discovered myself making a persona who did not really feel like me and it did not work for me; it wasn’t one thing I used to be that comfy with. In a means, yeah, it’s therapeutic as a result of I channeled some of the stuff into characters and into the writing. It is the closest means I’ve of expunging some of it, I feel.

Oscar Isaac’s character, Will, goes to remedy and he goes via a number of life-changing moments that you’ve got as properly. How a lot of that character is you? 

I feel fairly a bit. There’s so much of Oscar’s character that I establish with. With Oscar’s character, he is a man who loves fiercely. I might say I am nowhere close to as charming or charismatic as Oscar Isaac, however I do love my spouse the means he loves his spouse on this movie. That was all the time the start line for me. Rather a lot of folks love their wives, so much of folks like their wives, however I actually do adore her and I am removed from good. At the film premiere [last Thursday], despite the fact that I am doing all these interviews saying how a lot I really like my spouse as a lot as Oscar does in the movie, I used to be anxious, I am actually sharp along with her. Our marriage, by far, not good; no marriage is. But I do love her that intensely. I establish with so much of the experiences his character goes via in the movie. I have been blessed to have prolonged households that sit round a dinner desk and have real laughs collectively and get pleasure from each other. You really feel that on this movie as properly. There are items of his life that I borrowed from my very own.

Like This Is Us, the movie depends closely on shifting again and forth via time. What was the most difficult half weaving collectively all these seemingly unconnected tales?

Trying to all the time keep in a tonal area the place all of it fills components of an enormous entire. There’s no fundamental character on this film; everybody’s the fundamental character, everybody’s the supporting character. There’s no fundamental storyline. You need to be aware to weave all of that in a means that clearly you are shifting tales. There are completely different chapters in the movie. It shifts continents and it even shifts language. But hopefully, all of it feels half of an enormous story, which is life is difficult and the world is absolutely troublesome proper now — not simply with tragedy to a household beset by tragedy, however the world is cynical, darkish and scary proper now. The massive message of the film is that even in a life full of darkness and loss, in any course you have a look at that have, it’s surrounded by love and hope and optimism. The state of affairs proper now makes it very simple to neglect about the good things and simply lean into the actually scary, darkish stuff, however I select to consider that human beings are inherently good and not inherently dangerous and that nobody wakes up in the morning — besides possibly for just a few politicians — and says, “How can I be a terrible person today?” I feel most individuals get up in the morning and they are saying, “I’m going to try and be a better husband, father, son, mother, daughter, wife,” and then we normally fail and at the finish of the night time, we’re pissed at ourselves as a result of we did not do higher. We get up the subsequent day and we attempt once more. We can neglect some of that as a result of, amidst the darkness and the unhappiness, you may get overwhelmed by he vitriolic trolls and neglect about the good things.

Laia Costa and Sergio Peris-Mencheta in ‘Life Itself.’

Jose Haro

STOP! You are about to go into the spoiler-heavy half of the interview. If you haven’t watched the film, please don’t proceed (except you need sure moments to be spoiled for you). If you could have seen the film, chances are you’ll proceed…

Is there a selected scene or efficiency that affected you the most emotionally that you simply did not count on?

One of the scenes that I am proudest of in my profession is the scene that ends the movie between a younger Spanish mom and her little one. I knew that was the excessive level of the film and I knew it was a dialog I by no means received to have with my very own mom. I used to be stunned to seek out myself affected by it as a result of I used to be so scientific and it was so essential to me in the movie. The actress, Laia Costa, is so good that I discovered myself — in a scene I’ve thought of 1,000,000 instances, that I used to be taking a look at analytically — I used to be stunned to seek out myself transported watching her do it on set and go, “Wow, she’s spectacular and I’m moved by what she’s doing right now.” That caught me off guard. 

You’re speaking about the goodbye scene between Isabel and her son, Rodrigo.


We know what Oscar and Olivia are succesful of as actors, however the Spain portion of the movie was revelatory. How did you discover Laia Costa and Sergio Peris-Mencheta?

With this movie, we solid all the components of the American actors. You do not audition Oscar Isaac and Annette Bening. You ask them in the event that they’d love to do it and you are thrilled once they say sure. In Spain, I used to be decided to make use of a wholly Spanish solid and crew, and so I figured these can be folks I might audition. Finding these two was such an thrilling factor. They’re very well-known actors, they simply weren’t tremendous acquainted to me. I used to be able to go to Spain and have a look at all the largest Spanish actors in the world and Laia had gotten her palms on the script. With her husband, she, from her residence, taped herself on a camcorder filming each scene in the film that she was in and received the tape to me. I used to be on the cusp to go to Spain to solid the position and I received the tape and it began with that closing scene of the movie. I referred to as the producers and I stated, “I saw it, I’m done.” And I by no means checked out one other actor.

What did Laia and Sergio deliver to the desk that introduced their characters to life?

All three of the Spanish actors of the movie, Banderas, Laia and Sergio, there’s something so soulful of their eyeballs, which I all the time assume is the most fascinating factor for an actor. I used to be doing a movie with Al Pacino and you place him on digital camera on Day 1 and oh my god, his eyes. The digital camera images him in a means that it would not different human beings. There’s a vulnerability and an openness in his face that you would be able to’t train and it is a half of performing. All three Spanish actors have that. What you are watching is a love triangle, however of these three actually susceptible people who find themselves exposing themselves on digital camera in such an actual means. You do not dislike any of them. You do not root for any of them. You need all people to win and all people to lose. They’re very gifted, all three of them. Depending on which prism you view from, many of us have had divorces or dangerous relationships. The villain of one particular person’s story is the hero of one other’s, and I all the time discovered that utterly fascinating.

Were there any essential scenes that have been improvised?

I wish to loosen folks up, particularly if you’re doing charmed love. Antonio Banderas enters the film with a 12-minute monologue. That’s very closely, exactly scripted. When you’ve got received Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde in mattress collectively and you are attempting to seize an intimate portrait the place you nearly neglect that you simply’re watching two actors and you assume you are watching this cool, enticing married couple. I loosen up their language. They’re all the time staying on script however they’re weaving in and out of it. Oscar is genuinely making Olivia chuckle in that scene and vice versa, and you are feeling that, and it would not really feel like a film as a lot since you’re permitting them the flexibility. Rather a lot of the stuff we shot with the Spanish solid in New York as they are going about the metropolis on trip was permitting them to improvise and filming them as a household strolling round the metropolis.

Alex Monner and Antonio Banderas in ‘Life Itself.’

Jose Haro

I’ve to ask about one particular scene from the film: Will’s abrupt suicide. Did you wrestle with having Will die in such violent style — by a gunshot — in his therapist’s workplace?

When you do that for a residing as I’ve, you’ve got created this extremely successful, likable man and one thing occurs to him that individuals are not going to love in the most horrific of methods. I might have wrestled with it if that wasn’t precisely the level. If you are going to make a film that claims, I’ll have a lesson about love and hope and optimism and a life-affirming lesson, even when it is surrounded by people who find themselves formed by extreme tragedy, I did not need to pull punches when it got here to what the laborious stuff was. I needed the viewers to actually need to undergo one thing uncomfortable, one thing they did not like, one thing that basically took their breath away — not simply to shock folks but additionally to say, “Holy sh*t.” The path of the movie is to have issues occur that knock you for such a loop that you simply’re shocked by the reality that you simply come again from it over the course of the movie. That’s life. I’ve skilled horrible, horrible tragedy in my life and I am perpetually shocked when two years down the line, I will operate as a human being regardless of all of it. It checks the viewers and it challenges the viewers.

You are actually leaving the spoiler zone! The relaxation of the interview is spoiler-free.

You’re clearly comfy in emotional storytelling. What do you discover precious in persevering with to mine that area?

Clearly folks need it. The type of stuff I am all in favour of — what’s being referred to as emotional storytelling — is way extra human and widespread in our on a regular basis human expertise than the stuff that isn’t. These superior — and I really like all of them — hard-edged cable tv exhibits or these very Oscar bait-y films that come out at the finish of the yr which are bleak and withholding, I do not acknowledge my existence in them. I really like them, I watch them, I vote for them, however do I see my life in them? No, I do not. Do I see the common particular person’s life in them? I actually do not. When I sometimes get framed as an emotional storyteller, I all the time need to say, why would not it curiosity extra folks? Our lives are finally not that severe, not that darkish. There’s moments of nice darkness, there’s moments of large emotion, of large pleasure. Little issues changing into massive issues — that, to me, is how I see the world. I feel it is generally unusual that that is such a factor that will get talked about.

Have you considered what your mother would say or take into consideration this film?

No one’s requested me that. My mother handed away 10 years in the past in a surgical procedure, which was a severe surgical procedure but it surely wasn’t imagined to be life-threatening. After that, I keep in mind very vividly going to her condominium in New Jersey and I assumed possibly there can be a be aware below her pillow. Would there be some type of closure? Some type of message? And there was not as a result of that is not how life works. I needed to begin cleansing out her condominium, which is a horrible factor to need to do for a dad or mum — instantly a life spent being constructed begins getting deconstructed in a short time — and I discovered this bin in her closet and it was one of these plastic bins you get at The Container Store. My first live-action movie had come out. My mother had collected — she by no means actually confirmed an ideal curiosity in my life, she was equally proud of me for placing my soiled towels away as she was making a movie — however she collected each overview of the film from each native paper from the tri-state space and she had highlighted each time my title was written. The film, Fred Claus, was critically massacred. My mom had highlighted over and over once more, “This movie is an abomination due to the terrible screenplay by first-time screenwriter Dan Fogelman.” In answering your query, how would my mother have favored this movie, which I am so proud of? The nice half about my mother, and my dad for that matter, is that they have been the type of dad and mom who have been proud of you it doesn’t matter what you have been doing. I do not assume it will have had that a lot of an impact on her as Fred Claus. (Laughs.) 

Life Itself is in theaters now.


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