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Callum Turner on ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and Slowly Going Mad for His New Indie Movie (Exclusive)

This time final week, actor Callum Turner was in New York City, having flown there from L.A. to advertise his new film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Shortly thereafter, he landed in Paris, then London and lastly in Madrid, the place ET spoke with the one barely jetlagged Brit. “I feel good now,” he says of the worldwide press tour, which included one significantly surreal reminiscence: “All my family clamoring for Johnny Depp to get a photo at the premiere party was a heart-in-mouth moment.”

The newest installment within the ever-expanding Wizarding World of Harry Potter — by which Turner stars as Theseus Scamander, the Auror brother of Eddie Redmayne’s magizoologist, Newt — is just one of two movies the actor, 28, has opening this Friday. Elsewhere, within the gritty indie movie, Mobile Homes, Turner and Imogen Poots play a pair dwelling on the fringes of society along with her Eight-year-old son, eating and dashing to eat and betting on cockfights to make some cash.

ET: You have two motion pictures popping out on the identical day. What does that really feel like?

Callum Turner: It feels wonderful. I am tremendous pleased with each of them for utterly completely different causes. Vlad [de Fontenay], the director of Mobile Homes, is a really, superb good friend of mine now, and I am simply actually joyful that the film is reaching audiences there on the large display screen.

In phrases of getting each elements, I am concerned about how they have been related and completely different. Were they each via auditions? Do you bear in mind the day you bought every of the roles?

You know what? They could not have been extra reverse. Fantastic Beasts was, like, a standard course of. It was via [casting director] Fiona Weir and then a gathering with [director] David Yates and he met me and we talked. I feel we solely ran the scene as soon as to see if he favored me. Then I screen-tested with Eddie.

Mobile Homes, Imi [Poots] had been speaking to me about this undertaking, however they’d one other man who was hooked up. They weren’t positive whether or not or not he was going to do it and, anyway, it turned out that he was going to do it. So, I booked a flight with my buddies to go to Brazil, to go to Rio on vacation, and I hadn’t heard something. I landed and I get a great deal of emails from Imi and my brokers saying, It’s come via. It’s again, you should go to Canada in February, which will probably be in 5 days’ time. So, I used to be switching the Copacabana for the white plains of Ontario, which was fairly a shock for the system.

It was truly simpler getting solid in Fantastic Beasts.

So a lot simpler. So skilled. Mobile Homes, what a wreck, relating to the casting course of. No, truly, I spoke to Vlad and I used to be tremendous . I might seen his brief movie, which is wonderful, and I actually favored him. I really like Imi, too, so any likelihood that I get to work with Imi I bounce at. It was form of a no brainer. Luckily, the good friend that I used to be with is within the business, too, so he was identical to, “F**king actors, man.” I needed to depart him in Brazil.

How was your preparation completely different for every of those characters? What did every require when it comes to analysis or getting in that character’s mindset?

Mobile Homes was a shock to the system in a variety of methods. I feel I learn the script twice earlier than I used to be capable of get on the airplane, and I frantically learn it as a lot as doable while I wasn’t taking pictures. I work with an appearing coach and it is at all times completely different. This one, Mobiles Homes, was so fast. I needed to perceive it and we discovered “Born to Run,” the Springsteen track, form of epitomized the scenario and the character, Evan. I simply ran with that, the rhythm of the track, the sensation of it. If I used to be to summarize the movie, his journey, it will be: Man has dream that his girlfriend does not imagine in anymore and he does not know why. That’s his story, and then the whole lot else is filtered via that concept.

What was it like for Fantastic Beasts? Obviously, they’re very completely different characters.

It was the exact opposite. Because I had extra time, too, the whole lot was completely different. I form of slowly went mad on Mobile Homes. We have been remoted, the climate was extreme and you would barely go outdoors. So, I barely went outdoors until it was to movie for six weeks, which is an odd actuality to dwell in. Fantastic Beasts was the other. I had a variety of time. I had like two, three, possibly even 4 months to organize. I simply discovered the hook once more. There was a second within the movie that did not make it, and I acknowledged that because the essence of Theseus.

I did not develop up with a youthful brother — I’ve a half-brother however we did not develop up with one another — and my analysis was to grasp what that is like, and to get into why Newt does not like him and why they do not join. The communication has gone dangerous. Theseus may be very head-in-the-sand in a way. He’s blind to what Newt wants, and, objectively, there is a selfishness to that and a conceit to that and a brute force-ness to that. But subjectively, it is about safety and it is about love and it is about caring. Theseus is a carer. He’s described as a hugger, and I feel he is attempting to hug the entire world. Newt, specifically. When you are not capable of give what somebody wants, to facilitate what they want, you then both push them away — which he does — or suffocate. I feel the friction between them is Theseus does not perceive what Newt desires, and he’s overbearing. It’s virtually like he is obtained him in a giant, outdated bear hug and Newt does not need that in any respect.

How did you want having the blond hair for Mobile Homes?

I actually loved that! [Laughs.] I used to be too fast to alter it, truly. I ought to have lived with it slightly longer. I’ve had blue hair, inexperienced hair and now blond hair. And additionally a slight ginger hair with Theseus, too.

Working with Frank [Oulton] on this, you play this younger actor’s adoptive father, performed considerably as an older brother, however alternatively, you have got some very robust, typically aggressive scenes with him. What was it like between these takes with Frank?

I acknowledge how essential it was to place Frank relaxed for many alternative causes. Frank and I frolicked each single day together with his mother, who’s wonderful and allowed that course of. To some extent the place there is a scene within the movie, by which I actually shout at Imi and we actually go at it, and Frank could not differentiate between us mucking round and us appearing and him needing to behave when the digicam is on him. So, I textual content Vlad — not mid-scene however in between the takes — and I stated, “Me and you have an argument.” And Vlad and I went at one another. Vlad would say, “You’re ruining the movie. I am unable to imagine you are doing this. I knew you’ll do that,” and I used to be like, “You’re such a sh*t director. I am unable to f**king work like this. This is ridiculous. Look at this f**king set-up, you outdated c*nt.” And Frank’s face was gold, and precisely what we wished. Actually, the make-up ladies have been all freaking out and they confirmed the texts after. It was like a dwell feed of what we have been saying as a result of nobody else knew what we have been about to do. [Laughs.] So, it was enjoyable. You discover completely different challenges in working with youngsters and additionally animals. But most of all, we had fun whereas we have been doing it.

They famously say do not work with youngsters or animals. But, on this, I used to be pondering, That child is excellent at working with the chickens!

Because he grew up on a farm, so he is aware of! He’s legit with the animals.

How did you just like the chickens?

Yeah, I obtained concerned. I obtained concerned. I simply needed to. There wasn’t any form of beating across the bush. I fairly loved it. You know, what I actually like about Evan — and what Vlad allowed me to play — is a ferociousness and aggressiveness. He’s wild, man. He’s f**king wild. I simply actually loved actually going for it.

How a lot time did you have got between Mobile Homes and Fantastic Beasts?

About a yr. I did a movie known as Only Living Boy in between.

With Kate Beckinsale.


Which was, I feel, greater than Mobile Homes, however actually not as massive as Fantastic Beasts.

There’s undoubtedly an evolution there, if you happen to have a look at it like that, yeah.

I think about that helps. If you went from Mobile Homes on to Fantastic Beasts, that looks like a whiplash. What was the toughest factor to regulate to on such an enormous franchise movie set like that?

If I will be trustworthy, the one factor you actually should examine is how massive it’s. Once you are over that — you understand, The Wizarding World, the fandom, the followers are wonderful, J.Ok. Rowling [and] all these folks being actually well-known —  when you’re previous that and you are doing the job, the work, it is at all times the identical.

There’s a fantastic story of Al Pacino and Christopher Nolan, when he solid Al Pacino [in Insomnia]. On the primary day, he is like, “It’s a bigger set. It’s a longer drive to set. Bigger calls, better craft,” and Al Pacino simply checked out me and was like, “Don’t worry, you’re home.” And you do have that sense, particularly the methods David Yates creates an intimate setting. It looks like we’re taking pictures a small impartial film as a result of it is grounded. These movies are grounded in human performances, and that is what’s thrilling as an actor. It’s an aesthetic franchise. Or it is imagined to be.

The critics’ critiques of Fantastic Beasts have come out, however now followers are getting the prospect to see the film. What has been the reception you’ve got seen thus far?

Oh man, we make these movies for the followers. We make these movies for the people who love this world. Myself included. Even earlier than the movie was launched, folks had accepted me as a part of the household, and I am so touched by that. I hope they really feel the identical come Monday. [Laughs.] Yeah, it is largely I find it irresistible! When the music begins going, the Harry Potter music, it provides me tingles. It’s an honor to be part of it.

How a lot have been you advised about Theseus’ arc into the following film and over the entire motion pictures earlier than you signed on?

None. All of us are in the identical place, other than Jude [Law], apparently, who is aware of all.


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