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Ancient shipwrecks found in Greek waters tell tale of trade routes

FOURNI, Greece (Reuters) – Archaeologists in Greece have found no less than 58 shipwrecks, many laden with antiquities, in what they are saying could be the largest focus of historic wrecks ever found in the Aegean and probably the entire of the Mediterranean.

Amphorae are seen on the sea backside at a shipwreck website on the island of Fournoi, Greece, September 15, 2018. Picture taken September 15, 2018. Vassilis Mentogiannis/Hellenic Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities/Handout by way of REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS PICTURE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY.

The wrecks lie in the small island archipelago of Fournoi, in the Eastern Aegean, and span an enormous interval from historic Greece proper by way of to the 20th century. Most are dated to the Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras.

Although shipwrecks could be seen collectively in the Aegean, till now such a big quantity haven’t been found collectively.

    Experts say they weave an thrilling tale of how ships full of cargo touring by way of the Aegean, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea met their destiny in sudden storms and surrounded by rocky cliffs in the world.

“The excitement is difficult to describe, I mean, it was just incredible. We knew that we had stumbled upon something that was going to change the history books,” mentioned underwater archaeologist and co-director of the Fournoi survey challenge Dr. Peter Campbell of the RPM Nautical Foundation.

The basis is collaborating on the challenge with Greece’s Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, which is conducting the analysis.

    When the worldwide staff started the underwater survey in 2015, they had been astounded to search out 22 shipwrecks that yr. With their newest finds that quantity has climbed to 58, and the staff imagine there are much more secrets and techniques mendacity on the seabed under.

Members of the Fournoi Survey Project carry an amphora following a dive at a shipwreck website on the island of Fournoi, Greece, September 19, 2018. Picture taken September 19, 2018. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

“I would call it, probably, one of the top archaeological discoveries of the century in that we now have a new story to tell of a navigational route that connected the ancient Mediterranean,” Campbell advised Reuters.

    The vessels and their contents paint an image of ships carrying items on routes from the Black Sea, Greece, Asia Minor, Italy, Spain, Sicily, Cyprus, the Levant, Egypt and north Africa.

    The staff has raised greater than 300 antiquities from the shipwrecks, significantly amphorae, giving archaeologists uncommon perception into the place items had been being transported across the Mediterranean.

    “Ninety % of the shipwrecks that we found in the Fournoi archipelago carried a cargo of amphorae.

“The amphora is a vessel used primarily for transporting liquids and semi-liquids in antiquity, so the products it will be transporting had been largely wine, oil, fish sauces, maybe honey,” archaeologist and Fournoi survey challenge director Dr. George Koutsouflakis from the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, mentioned. Fish sauce from the Black Sea area in antiquity was an costly commodity, he added.

They had been significantly excited by amphorae they found originating from the Black Sea and north Africa in shipwrecks from the late Roman interval, as it’s uncommon to search out cargo from these areas intact in shipwrecks in the Aegean, mentioned Koutsouflakis.

    Bad climate is the most probably clarification for why the ships all sank in the identical space, he mentioned. The area experiences heaps of sudden, fierce squalls and is surrounded by rocky shores.

Fournoi was a stopover level for ships to spend the evening throughout their journey.

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    “Because there are slender passages between the islands, so much of gulfs, and descending winds from the mountains, sudden windstorms are created.

“It shouldn’t be a coincidence that a big quantity of the wrecks have been found in these passages…if there’s a sudden change in the wind’s course, and if the captain was from one other space and was not conversant in the peculiarities of the native local weather, he might simply find yourself dropping management of the ship and falling upon the rocks,” mentioned Koutsouflakis.

In later occasions Fournoi was thought of a pirate’s haven, mentioned Campbell. Pirates had been drawn to the world by the considerable stream of vessels laden with wealthy cargo. Although climate was believed to be the first motive for the sinkings, piracy might have contributed in some circumstances, he mentioned.

    The situation of the shipwrecks differ. Some are nicely preserved, others are in items after the ships crashed on the rocks.

“We have wrecks that are completely virgin. We feel we were the first ones to find them, but they are in very deep waters – at a depth of 60 meters. Usually from 40 meters and below we have wrecks in good condition. Anything above 40 meters has either lost its consistency or has been badly looted in the past,” mentioned Koutsouflakis.

    The survey staff found the shipwrecks from sightings by native sponge divers and fishermen.

Fournoi is made up of 20 small islands, islets and reefs between the bigger Ikaria, Patmos and Samos islands. The inhabitants doesn’t attain greater than 1,500, primarily situated on the primary island of Fournoi.

    The staff, which incorporates archaeologists, architects, conservators, and divers, need to create a middle for underwater archaeology in Fournoi for college kids, in addition to a neighborhood museum to deal with their finds.

Writing by Deborah Kyvrikosaios; Editing by Hugh Lawson

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