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50 Rock Puns That Will Have You Rolling With Laughter

If it’s an excessive amount of stress to consider your individual jokes, then listed here are the funniest rock puns that you would be able to throw in any respect your mates.

Are you able to snicker till your mattress rocks? Then take pleasure in these rock puns! Don’t take them for granite!

1. What do you name a rock that by no means goes to highschool?

A skipping stone!

2. Why did the tectonic plates break up?

It wasn’t her fault, however there was simply an excessive amount of friction between them.

three. What do you do with lifeless geologists?

You barium.

four. Where do rocks wish to sleep?

In bedrocks!

5. Why was the sedimentary rock additional low-cost?

Because it was on shale.

6. Who is a geologist’s favourite band?

The Rolling Stones.

7. Did you hear concerning the geologist who was studying a guide about Helium?

He simply couldn’t put it down.

eight. What did the metamorphic rock say through the take a look at?

This is an excessive amount of stress!

9. How did the geology scholar drown?

His grades have been beneath C-level.

10. How do geologists wish to loosen up?

In rocking chairs, in fact!

11. What do rocks eat?


12. Bill’s home was rocking final evening, everybody bought stoned.

Too dangerous Bill didn’t have avalanche insurance coverage.

13. What did the boy volcano say to the woman volcano?

I actually lava you!

14. When have been rock puns the funniest?

During the stone age.

15. What did the motivational speaker say?

Don’t take life for granite.

16. What do you name an Irish gem that’s a pretend?

A sham rock.

17. What form of journal does a rock wish to learn?

Rolling Stone.

18. Why can’t minerals ever lie?

They’re all the time of their pure kind.

19. Watson: Sherlock, what kind of rock is that this wonderful specimen?

Holmes: It’s sedimentary, my expensive Watson.

20. What did the rock say to the phrase processor?


21. Why shouldn’t you lend a geologist cash?

They take into account 1,000,000 years in the past to be Recent.

22. What do you name a can of pop present in a conglomerate?

Coca-Cola Clastic.

23. You wish to hear one of the best rock puns?

Give me a second and I’ll dig one thing up.

24. Why shouldn’t you let a geologist drive your automobile?

Because they get hammered and stoned.

25. Why are geologists good at rise up comedy?

They know actually “dirty” jokes.

26. This rock was magma earlier than it was cool.

Get it?

27. Why shouldn’t you lend a geologist cash?

They take into account 1,000,000 years in the past to be Recent.

28. Why are geologists so good in class?

They take nothing for granite.

29. Did you hear concerning the geologist who went to jail?

He was charged with basalt and battery.

30. What did the geologist say when his physician mentioned he wanted a colon examination?

No fracking method!

31. Why did the fold get arrested?

Because it was caught rolling a joint.

32. What occurs while you preserve studying geology jokes in your free time?

You know that you’ve actually hit all-time low.

33. What do you name a periodic desk when the gold is lacking?

Au revoir.

34. What did the teenage rock say after failing its drive take a look at?

I don’t wish to talc about it.

35. Why are geologists nice dates?

They are very sedimental.

36. Why are geologists no enjoyable at events?

They wish to be stone-cold sober.

37. Why did the geologist go on a date to the quarry?

He needed to be a little bit boulder.

38. Why was the geologist all the time depressed?

He had a tough rock life.

39. Why was the sedimentary rock so low-cost?

It was all the time on shale.

40. What did Darth Vader inform the geologist?

May the quartz be with you!

41. Why are geologists by no means hungry?

They misplaced their apatite.

42. Why are geologists nice dates?

They could make your bedrock.

43. Did you hear concerning the geologist who bought divorced?

He was taking his spouse for granite, so she left him.

44. Why is the world so numerous?

Because it comprises alkynes of individuals.

45. I actually hate rock puns.

My sediments precisely.

46. What did the gold say to the pyrite?

You’re a idiot and a pretend!

47. What do you name a benzene ring the place the iron atoms changing the entire carbon atoms?

A ferrous wheel.

48. Why must you by no means count on perfection from geologists?

Because all of them have their faults.

49. What did the diamond say to its good friend copper?

Nothing, foolish, minerals don’t talc!

50. What is black, purple, blue, yellow and white?

Sugilite, sardonyx and opal all combating over a gumball. TC mark

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