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50 Chicken Puns You Will Be EGGcited To Tell All Your Friends

These rooster puns will crack you up!

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a meat-lover or a vegetarian. Either approach,  you possibly can agree on one factor. These rooster puns are giggle out loud humorous.

1. What do you get whenever you cross a rooster and a four-leaf clover?

The Cluck o’the Irish!

2. What’s a hen’s favourite kind of film?

A chick flick.

three. How do child chickens dance?


four. What do you get whenever you cross a rooster with a bell?

An alarm cluck.

5. Which rooster is on the prime of the pecking order?

Attila the Hen.

6. Why do chickens lay eggs?

Because in the event that they dropped them, they’d break.

7. What do you name a rooster that crosses the street?

Poultry in movement.

eight. Why is it straightforward for chicks to speak?

Because discuss is cheep.

9. What occurs when a hen eats gunpowder?

She lays hand gren-eggs.

10. What do you get whenever you cross a ghost with a rooster?

A poultry-geist.

11. Why did the rooster cross the playground?

He wished to get to the opposite slide.

12. How have you learnt if it’s too scorching within the rooster barn?

The chickens are laying hard-cooked eggs.

13. What do chickens develop on?


14. What does a rooster want to put an egg day-after-day?


15. What do rooster households do on Saturday afternoon?

They go on peck-nics.

16. What form of rooster grows on a tree?


17. What occurred to the child rooster that misbehaved in school?

It was egg-spelled.

18. The rooster farmer died beneath mysterious circumstances.

The police suspect fowl play.

19. I don’t know methods to increase chickens.

I feel I’ll simply wing it.

20. I ate an omelette for breakfast…

however I’m nonetheless feeling peckish.

21. What do you name a rooster that crosses the street, rolls within the grime, crosses the street once more, after which rolls within the grime once more?

A unclean double-crossing rooster.

22. Why did the rooster cross the street midway?

She wished to put it on the road.

23. What do you name the door to a rooster barn?

The hen-trance.

24. What did the child rooster say when he noticed his mom sitting on an orange?

Dad, look what marma-laid!

25. Why can’t a rooster ever get wealthy?

Because he works for rooster feed.

26. What do chickens name faculty assessments?


27. What do you name a loopy rooster?

A cuckoo cluck.

28. What do you get when a rooster lays an egg on prime of a barn?

An eggroll.

29. What do chickens serve at birthday events?


30. Why does a rooster coop have two doorways?

Because if had 4 doorways it might be a rooster sedan.

31. Which dance will a rooster not do?

The foxtrot.

32. What do you name a chook that’s afraid to fly?


33. What do you get for those who feed gunpowder to a rooster?

An egg-splosion.

34. How lengthy do chickens work?

Around the cluck

35. Which day of the week do chickens hate most?


36. Why did the chick disappoint his mom?

He wasn’t what he was cracked as much as be.

37. Is rooster soup good to your well being?

Not for those who’re the rooster.

38. When do chickens go to mattress?

Half previous hen!

39. When the farmer died, all his chickens have been offered to the best bidder.

They would have most popular to remain on the farm, however auctions converse louder than birds.

40. Why did the rooster go to KFC?

He wished to see a rooster strip.

41. Why did the rooster be a part of a band?

Because it already had drumsticks.

42. What do chickens examine at school?


43. Why did the rooster cross the basketball courtroom?

He heard the referee calling fowls.

44. Did you hear in regards to the rooster who may solely lay eggs within the winter?

She was no spring rooster.

45. How does a rooster mail a letter to her buddy?

In a HEN-velope!

46. What do you name a bunch of chickens clucking in unison?

A Hensemble.

47. Why don’t chickens put on pants?

There peckers are on their face.

48. Why did the t-rex cross the street?

Because the rooster hadn’t developed but.

49. What did one rooster say to the opposite after they walked via poison ivy?

“You scratch my beak and I’ll scratch yours!”

50. How did the headless rooster cross the street?

In a KFC bucket. TC mark

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