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40 Banana Puns That Will Make You Burst With Sidesplitting Laughter

These banana puns are going to make you peel over in laughter.

You’ve in all probability laughed whenever you noticed somebody slip over a banana peel earlier than — however that’s not the one time this fruit will be humorous. Get prepared, as a result of you’ll go ape over these banana puns:

1. Why don’t bananas snore?

Because they don’t wish to get up the remainder of the bunch.

2. Why do bananas need to put on sunscreen?

Because they peel.

three. What do you name a banana who will get all the women?

A banana smoothie.

four. I used to be strolling down the road once I stood on a banana.

Luckily, I used to be carrying my Slipknot t-shirt.

5. What do bananas say once they reply the telephone?


6. Why was the plantain despatched to the pricipal’s workplace?

It wen’t bananas throughout class.

7. Why couldn’t the banana yell excessive?

It might solely yellow.

eight. Where do bananas go to study?

Sundae college.

9. Why did the monkey just like the banana?

Because it had attraction.

10. How is a banana peel on the ground like music?

Because in the event you don’t C sharp you’ll B flat.

11. What was the ghost’s favourite fruit?


12. Why was the banana so sick?

He had yellow fever.

13. Why did the farm hand lose his job on the banana farm.

He saved throwing the bent bananas away.

14. Which former polititian loves bananas?

Al Gore-illa.

15. What type of a key opens a banana?

A monkey.

16. Why did they cancel the ice cream social?

The banana break up with the ice cream.

17. When will the path combine come up with the money for to purchase a map?

After the banana chips in.

18. What’s yellow and at all times factors north?

A magnetic banana.

19. Why couldn’t the whipped cream discover the banana on the get together?

It break up.

20. What fruit do sheeps like essentially the most?


21. What did one banana say to the opposite once they first met?

Yellow, good to fulfill you.

22. Why did the boy hold falling off his bike?

He slipped off the banana seat.

23. In what place was the banana throughout the Tour de France.

He was using with the peel-oton.

24. Why did the banana get so many Valentines?

Because it was actually candy.

25. Where do bananas purchase their garments?

Banana Republic.

26. What sorts of jokes do bananas like to inform?

Side-splitting ones.

27. My boss accused me of “acting the monkey” at work.

I virtually choked on my banana.

28. What do you have to do in the event you see a blue banana?

Try and cheer it up.

29. Why did the banana exit with a prune?

Because he couldn’t discover a date.

30. How do monkeys get down the steps?

They slide down the banana-ster.

31. They’re not going to develop bananas any longer.

Apparently, they’re lengthy sufficient already.

32. Why are bananas by no means lonely?

Because they hold round in bunches.

33. What do you name two banana skins?

A pair of slippers.

34. How did the unripe banana really feel in regards to the ripe banana?

It was resentful.

35. Why did the banana fail it’s driving take a look at?

It peeled out.

36.  How do bananas journey?

In a yellow submarine.

37. What is Beethoven’s favourite fruit?

Banana..na. Banana..na.

38. What do fruit use to purchase issues?

Banana bread.

39. How did the newborn banana change into so spoiled?

Mama banana left him out within the solar for too lengthy.

40. What’s the very best factor to place in a banana cream pie?

Your tooth! TC mark

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